Annual Reports

Read in-depth stories about the Stroud Center’s work in our “year-in-review” publications.

In addition to the cover stories, all annual reports also contain the following features: a Year At a Glance listing, Message from the Director, Research Projects, Education Projects, Gifts and Contributions, Financials,Staff, Interns, and Volunteers.

2016 Annual Report cover

2016 Annual Report
Through a Scientist’s Lens: Training Citizens in Freshwater Stewardship

2015 Annual Report cover

2015 Annual Report
From Our Backyard to Bhutan: Empowering Freshwater Stewards

2014 Annual Report cover

2014 Annual Report
The Future of Fresh Water Starts Here

2013 Annual Report
To the Streams We Go: Pioneering Freshwater Science and Solutions

2012 Annual Report
First Fall at the Moorhead Environmental Complex: Educating the Next Generation of Water Stewards

2011 Annual Report
From the Ground Up: A Freshwater Foundation for Environmental Education and Public Outreach

2010 Annual Report
Connecting the Dots: How a New Study May Reveal Link Between Life-Sustaining Nutrient, Life-Threatened Streams

2009 Annual Report
Moving Freshwater Forward: Establishing a Critical Zone Observatory in the Christina River Basin

2008 Annual Report
Building a Library of Life: Our Role in the Assessment of Planetary Health

2007 Annual Report
The New York City Watershed: Protecting the Water Supply of 9 Million People

2005-2006 Years in Review
Notes from the Field: Journey to Peru

2004 Annual Report
Study Shows Value of Streamside Trees; Amazon Source of River Breath