Public Programs

The following programs are offered to the general public, government agencies and citizen volunteers, and can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Leaf in water

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and gained a lot of useful inform-ation. It certainly was one of the best workshops I’ve attended.”  Citizen Volunteer, Ligonier, PA

Tour of the Stroud Water Research Center

Tours will show laboratories, discuss current research projects and include a short tour of in-progress outdoor research projects. One-hour tour for 20 people, $100.


Presentations about stream ecosystems and the Stroud Water Research Center research are available at your site. 45-minute program. Examples of presentations include:

From Forest to Fish

Details the relationship between the terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Invertebrate Who’s Who?

Highlights aquatic macroinvertebrate identification and their link to assessing water quality.

Identifying aquatic insects

“Great job! I have a very limited science background and this workshop was great at explaining concepts and working with the information.” Stream School Participant

Stormwater in Your Watershed

Overview of stormwater, streams and solutions.

Stroud Water Research Center Research

Highlights state-of-the-art research

Typical program begins at $225 per hour. Cost may vary depending on travel.

Programs for Community/Conservation Groups

Stream School

Stream School provides training in biological monitoring, stream ecology, and watershed processes. Participants learn stream-watch techniques from collecting samples to data analysis through field and classroom based activities.

To date, Stream School has provided training for watershed associations and conservation organizations across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Stream study

“Very well presented. Excellent hands-on activities and reinforcement, before and at the end of class. Superior instructional design.” Stream School Participant

Half-day workshops start at $525. Costs vary depending on travel.

Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (C-SAW)

C-SAW is a team of specialists available to provide technical assistance to your watershed group. C-SAW can provide technical assistance in three main areas:

C-SAW assistance is available at no cost to eligible groups. To find out more, visit their website at