Mountaintop to Tap

Photography & Journal Exhibit

A Student Exhibit of the Path of New York City’s Drinking Water Supply

Catskills waterfall

Photo by Aaron Bennett

At a workshop in the spring of 2007, National Geographic Photographer Bob Caputo, trained the trekkers to capture pictures that tell a story. The students then chronicled their 3 week journey through photographs and journal entries.

This is an exhibit of those photographs and journal entries.  They tell the story of the New York City water supply.  They also tell the story of 12 students who had a life-changing experience.

In their words and through their eyes, these 12 students will help you discover how healthy water gets from its source in the Catskill Mountains to the taps in NYC.  Whether you are a bottled water consumer or drink directly from the tap, you do not want to miss this event!


The Photography and Journal Exhibit is on display at Stroud Water Research Center, and also appeared at these locations:

If you are interested in hosting the Photography and Journal Exhibit, please call Christina Medved at 610.268.2153 x. 258

This exhibit is made possible with funds from the Catskill Watershed Corporation in partnership with New York City Department of Environmental Protection and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.