Educational Improvement Tax Credit

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program allows Pennsylvania-based businesses to receive generous tax credits by contributing to qualified educational organizations.

As a recipient of EITC funds, Stroud Water Research Center makes its school programs, field trips and professional development workshops available at no or reduced cost to public school districts.

How does it work?

What type of programs are offered?

Stroud Center offers a variety of programs and workshops aimed at helping students and teachers understand many of the science concepts in their schools’ curricula by direct, concrete and academic exposure to their local streams and regional watersheds.

These programs are rooted in the most up-to-date research and are tied directly to Pennsylvania’s Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology.

For more information or to enroll, visit Pennsylvania’s EITC website.

If you have any questions or would like to make Stroud Center your EITC business recipient, please contact:

About Stroud Center’s stream ecology programs

A boots-in-the-water experience for students

Far from the classroom, students will explore the White Clay Creek and surrounding watershed. They’ll collect aquatic bugs, use a dichotomous key and perform water chemistries while learning how scientists determine the health of streams and rivers.

Programs focused on science and stewardship

Stroud Center is a working laboratory, so education programs are developed from our scientists’ research. We cover chemistry, stream ecology, watersheds, entomology and environmental stewardship.

Enjoy our LEED Platinum-certified education center

The Moorhead Environmental Complex is the home of Stroud Center’s student laboratories and serves as an example of freshwater stewardship put into action.

Program Scholarships Available!

There are several funding sources that allow the Stroud Center to offer programs at no or reduced cost for your school or youth group. Our funding from the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit program and other grants to subsidize education programs varies each year. If you can’t come to us, no problem; we’ll come to you. So schedule a program for your class!


Tara Muenz, Assistant Director of Education, (610) 268-2153, ext. 301