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Read UpStream 2017, Issue #2

  • Arscott Take Reins as Executive Director
  • Volunteers Plant 1,140 Trees Along Red Clay Creek
  • Students Take to the Woods to Monitor Streamside Forests
  • Meet Jennifer Totora, Stroud’s New Education Specialist
  • Clean By Design
  • Water SCIENCE Wins Award in Video Showcase

Read UpStream 2017, Issue #1

  • DNA Tool Helps Scientists Identify Bacteria in Streams
  • David Bressler Connects Citizens to Science
  • Education Staff Lead Presentations and Winning Voyageur Canoe at NAAEE Conference
  • Education Staff Lead Presentations and Winning Canoe at NAAEE Conference

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #7

  • From Stream to Tap: Keeping Fresh Water Clean and Safe
  • Stroud Center Celebrates National Park Service’s Commitment to Fresh Water
  • Expanded Professional Development Programs for Educators
  • New Major Gifts Director Joins the Stroud Center

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #6

  • Could Rising Temps Be Killing Mayflies, Threatening Streams?
  • Choosing Mobile Digital Technologies to Enhance Environmental Education
  • Fostering Community Partnerships Through STEM Education
  • Q & A: Rewarding Private Behavior to Enhance the Commons

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #5

  • Meet the Forester Who’s Leading People to Clean Fresh Water
  • Senator Gets First-Hand Look at Conservation Practices
  • Long-Term Research Shows Improvement in Susquehanna River
  • Upcoming Events
  • Science and Beer at the Beach Was a Success!
  • Video: How Sparta Middle School Is Working to Restore Nash Creek

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #4

  • Stroud Award to be Presented to the National Park Service and Director Jonathan Jarvis
  • Volunteers to Monitor Threats to Water for 15 Million People
  • Field-Based Learning at the Stroud Center’s New Outdoor Classroom
  • Upcoming Events
  • Our Education Programs Are Booming!
  • Video: Fish Electroshocking to Determine Stream Health

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #3

  • Students Nationwide Model Their Watersheds, Solve Environmental Challenges
  • Stroud Team Helps Discover Species Diversity in State and National Parks
  • Conservation Awards Given to Stroud Center and Deep Roots Valley Farm
  • Welcome Summer Interns!
  • Stroud Center Speaks on Water Scarcity at SFS Meeting
  • Volunteers Lend a Helping Hand

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #2

  • Keeping Pathogens Out of Drinking-Water Sources
  • Expanded WikiWatershed® Toolkit Debuts
  • Former Intern Embarks on Collaborative Research to Make Drinking Water Safer
  • Sharing Our Science: Food’s the Prize for Female Dance Flies
  • 15 Years of the Leaf Pack Network®

Read UpStream 2016, Issue #1

  • Families Learn How Trout Grow on Trees
  • Intern Connects Culture and Environment
  • Join Us for These Great Events
  • Sharing Our Science
  • Amazing Mayfly Video Goes Viral

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #7

  • Stream-monitoring technology saves time and keeps scientists safe
  • Alexandra Cousteau: freshwater issues the greatest crisis of our time
  • Education department highlights: hello, congratulations and goodbye
  • Ehrhart re-elected as Penn State Agricultural Council president
  • 2015 publications
  • Stroud Center media mentions

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #6

  • Pouring water quality into Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index
  • Stroud Center scientist takes “rotator” post at National Science Foundation
  • Stroud Center connects international leaders with freshwater solutions
  • New Entomology Group member finds bugs and fungi fascinating
  • Upcoming events and fall events recap
  • Stroud Center media mentions
Alexandra Cousteau

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #5

  • Studying how massive storms impact water quality downstream
  • Summer research program boosts confidence, shapes careers
  • Planting streamside forests may boost resiliency to climate change
  • Join us for our fall freshwater events
  • Stroud Center media mentions
Alexandra Cousteau

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #4

  • Alexandra Cousteau tapped for award
  • Court ruling a victory for Chesapeake
  • Mapping a stream’s recovery
  • Spotlight on Jessica Provinski
  • The hottest ticket in town
  • Upcoming events
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Forested headwater stream

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #3

  • Headwaters now better protected
  • Planting trees to protect White Clay
  • Spotlight on Stephanie Eisenbise
  • Stroud Center wins conservation awards
  • Sharing our science
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John Taylor

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #2

  • Remembering John Taylor
  • Re-wilding the tropics
  • Dansko co-founders honored
  • Hellos & goodbye in Entomology
  • Education programs in spotlight
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Installing a staff gauge

Read UpStream 2015, Issue #1

  • Total watershed restoration
  • Stroud science lecture
  • Getting our boots ready
  • New Headwaters Society
  • Volunteer with us
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