Fluvial Geomorphology Group

Water and sediment interact to create river channel habitats, floodplains and other elements of the physical riverscape that form the basis of river ecosystems.

Our lab studies the movement of water, sediment, organic matter, nutrients and other molecules through watersheds to better understand watershed hydrology, geomorphology and biogeochemistry.

We also investigate how watershed land use and river channel restoration practices influence hydrologically mediated processes such as surface-groundwater interaction, sediment transport, and channel evolution.

Melinda D. Daniels, Ph.D.

Dr. Melinda Daniels

J. Denis Newbold, Ph.D.

Dr. Denis Newbold

Lindsey K. Albertson, Ph.D.

Lindsey Albertson

Valérie Ouellet, Ph.D.

Valerie Ouellet

Frank Klein, Ph.D.

Frank Klein

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