The Peru Project

Parameters Sampled

The Center’s team collected and analyzed samples for chemistry, seston, isotope, macroinvertebrate, and molecular tracer parameters.

Results for individual sites can be found by clicking on a site code in the Site List page. For graphs comparing the parameters across sites, please refer to the project report.

Chemistry Units
Temperature °C
Conductivity μS/cm
Dissolved Oxygen mg/L
% Dissolved Oxygen  
Alkalinity (CO3) mg/L
DOC (dissolved organic carbon) mg/L
BDOC (biodegradable dissolved organic carbon) mg/L
Calcium mg/L
Magnesium mg/L
Sodium mg/L
Potassium mg/L
Chloride mg/L
Sulfate mg/L
Ammonium-N mg/L
Nitrite-N mg/L
Nitrate-N mg/L
Phosphate mg/L
Seston Units
Fine Suspended Sediment (FSS) mg/L
FSS Particulate Organic C mg/L
FSS Particulate Org N mg/L
FSS molar C/N  
FSS del 13C permil
FSS del 15N permil
FSS Org C %  
FSS Org N %  
Coarse Suspended Sediment (CSS) mg/L
CSS Particulate Org C mg/L
CSS Particulate Org N mg/L
CSS molar C/N  
CSS del 13C permil
CSS del 15N permil
CSS Org C %  
CSS Org N %  
Isotopes Units
del 15N permil
del 18O permil
Mean DOC from 13C Samples mg/L
Mean DOC del 13C permil
% EPT (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera)  
Shannon Index  
EPT Richness  
Macro Richness  
Tracers: Fragrances/Caffeine Units
HHCB [tonalide (1,3,4,6,7,8-hexahydro-4,6,6,7,8,8-hexamethylcyclopenta [y]-2-benzopyran fultype] μg/L
Caffeine μg/L
Tracers: Human Steroids Units
bCOP [coprostanol (5Ba-cholestan-3B-ol)] μg/L
EPI [epi-coprostanol (5B-cholestan-3a-ol)] μg/L
CHO [cholesterol (cholest-5-en-3B-ol)] μg/L
aCOP [cholestanol (5a-cholestan-3B-ol)] μg/L
eCOP [24-ethylcoprostanol (24-ehtyl-5B-cholestan-3B-ol)] μg/L
bONE [coprostanone (5-cholestan-3-one)] μg/L
Tracers: Non-human Steroids Units
eEPI [24-ethylepicoprostanol (24-ethyl-5B-cholestan-3a-ol)] μg/L
aONE [cholestanone (5a-cholestan-3-one)] μg/L
eCHO [24-ethylcholesterol (24-ethylcholest-5-en-3b-ol)] μg/L
Tracers: All Steroids Units
Sum of fecal sterols, group 2 μg/L
Tracers: Low Molecular Weight PAH Units
FLU (fluorene) μg/L
PHE (phenanthrene) μg/L
ANT (anthracene) μg/L
2MP (2-methyl phenanthrene) μg/L
1MP (1-methyl phenanthrene) μg/L
Tracers: High Molecular Weight PAH Units
FLR (fluoranthene) μg/L
PYR (pyrene) μg/L
BAA [benz(a)anthracene] μg/L
CHR (chrysene) μg/L
BBF [benzo(b)fluoranthene] μg/L
BKF [benzo(k)fluoranthen] μg/L
BAP [benzo(a)pyrene] μg/L
Tracers: PAH Units
Sum of PAH μg/L
Tracers: PCB Units
PCB118 [pentachlorobiphenyl (118)] μg/L
PCB153 [pentachlorobiphenyl (153)] μg/L
PCB138 [pentachlorobiphenyl (138)] μg/L
Tracers: Pesticides Units
Atrazine μg/L
Metalaxyl μg/L
Chlorpyrifos μg/L
4,4-DDT μg/L