Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: Costa Rica

Vegetation at Maritza

Forest near Maritza

Forest near Maritza

Vegetation immediately adjacent to and upslope of Maritza is characteristic of mid-elevation tropical dry forest that is semi-deciduous during the dry season; vegetation at higher elevations in the watersheds transition into rain and cloud forests. Lowland dry forests are almost completely deciduous while higher elevation rain and cloud forest are evergreen.

There are no visible signs of anthropogenic disturbance in the primary forest above Maritza. Much of the land downslope from the station has been cleared and was maintained as grazing land by annual burning until inclusion in the Parque Nacional Guanacaste in 1987. Even in these cleared areas, mature riparian forests were traditionally maintained along most perennial and ephemeral stream corridors.

Vegetation map

Map prepared by Waldy Medina of ACG.
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