Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: White Clay Creek, Pennsylvania

Data Overview

Data for White Clay Creek are separated into categories of physical, chemical, and biological parameters and provide information on the site, period of collection, and frequency of collection (Table 1). Included in these categories are: (1) variables such as stream discharge, air and water temperature, rainfall, water chemistry, and aquatic insect emergence that have been collected continuously or regularly for more than 30 years; and (2) other variables such as channel geomorphology, organic matter inputs and exports, and various aspects of the structure and function of stream biota that have been examined intermittently.

Downloading Data

The tables below list our long-term datasets for White Clay Creek, a subset of which are available for download. Available data include:

  • Macroinvertebrate species
  • Stream water chemistry
  • Stream suspended sediment
  • Stream water temperatures
  • Precipitation/meteorology
  • Chlorophyll/pheophytin
  • Stage/discharge
  • Well water levels

View the data on the Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory website.

Physical Data

Discharge is presented as daily maximum and precipitation as daily total.

Parameter Site Period of Record Frequency
Discharge Watershed boundary 1969-present Continuous
Temperature Meadow, woodland, & springs 1969-present Continuous
Channel Geomorphology Woodland, meadow, tributaries 1972-present Periodic
Solar Radiation Meadow 1969-present Continuous
Precipitation Meadow 1969-present Continuous

Chemistry Data

Water chemistry is presented as the concentration based on a periodic grab sample.

Parameter Site Period of Record Frequency
Nutrients: NO3, NO2, NH3, PO4 Woodland 1969-present Weekly 1969-1995;monthly 1996 present
Meadow 1996-present Storms once/season
Springs & tributaries 1969-1989 Once to several times annually
Wells & lysimeters 1994-1997 Every other month, 1994-1997; 1998-present periodic
Nutrients: TKN, TP Woodland 1996-present Monthly
Cations: Ca, K, Mg, a, Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe Woodland 1969-present Weekly 1969-1995; monthly 1996-present
Meadow 1996-present Storms once/season
Anions: SO4, Cl Woodland 1969-present Weekly 1969-1995; monthly 1996-present
Meadow 1996-present Storms once/season
pH, alkalinity Woodland 1969-present Weekly 1969-1995; monthly 1996-present
Conductivity Meadow 1994-present Daily & each storm
Wells & lysimeters 1994-1997
Every other month
Dissolved Organic Carbon Meadow 1972-1975 Weekly to monthly & seasonal storms
1978-1994 Daily to weekly & seasonal storms
1995-present Daily & all storms
Wells & lysimeters 1988-1997
Weekly to every other month
Tributaries & springs 1978-present Periodic
Classes of Organic Compounds
(lipids, carbohydrates, phenolics, amino acids)
Meadow, tributaries & springs 1972-present Periodic
Amino acid molecules Meadow 1993-present Seasonal storms
Carbohydrate molecules Meadow, wells, lysimeters, & springs 1994-1996
Weekly & seasonal storms
Humic substances Meadow, wells, lysimeters 1993-1997 Monthly
Humic-Bound Lignin Phenols Meadow, woodland, wells, & lysimeters 1993-1997 Periodic
Biodegradable DOC Meadow 1992-present Weekly
Wells & lysimeters 1994-present Periodic
Pesticides Meadow, woodland & tributaries 1993-1997 Periodic
Seston Woodland 1993-present Weekly
Meadow 1995-present All storms

Biological Data

Parameter Site Period of Record Frequency
Suspended chlorophyll Woodland 2001-2004
Benthic Organic Matter Woodland 1976, 1997 Seasonal
Meadow 1997 Seasonal
Tributaries 1991 Seasonal
Leaf Litter Inputs Woodland 1973-1974 Weekly
Woodland & meadow 1991-2000
Weekly to monthly
Weekly to monthly
Woody Debris Woodland & meadow 1991 Late Autumn
Algal Biomass Woodland & meadow 1973-1975
Daily to weekly
Community Metabolism
(GPP, Respiration, Net Daily Metabolism)
Woodland & meadow 1971-1975
Daily to weekly
Algal Community Composition Woodland 1969-1971 Weekly to monthly
Bacterial Productivity Meadow 1980-81; Seasonally
1985-86; 1989 Seasonally
Bacterial Densities Meadow 1980-81; 1985-86; 1989; 1999-present Seasonally
Bacterial Community Composition Woodland & meadow 1999-present Periodic
Protozoan Community Composition Woodland 1969-1970 Weekly to monthly
Protozoan Densities Meadow & tributary 1983-1985 Monthly
Protozoan Bacterivory Meadow 1984-1985 Seasonally
Meiofauna Densities & Ingestion of Microbes Meadow 1993-1995 Seasonally
Insect Species Richness, Density, Biomass Woodland 1969-72; 1975-76; 1983; 1997-1998; 2003-2004 Monthly to bi-monthly
Meadow 1991-1996 Late Winter
Meadow & woodland 1997-present Late Winter
Insect Emergence Meadow & woodland 1970-present Weekly
Tributaries 1970-1980 Weekly
Insect Genetic Structure Woodland & meadow 1983-1987, 2002 Periodic
Insect Size and/or Fecundity (selected species) Woodland & meadow 1969-1988
Fish Community Composition Woodland & tributary 1972-1973, 1989, 1995, 1997 Periodic