Schuylkill River Project

Northeast Schuylkill Basin

The map on the left shows the location of the Northeast Schuylkill sub-basin with the basin as a whole.

Water quality scores for the individual sites are indicated by the colored dots on the map below. A comparison of water quality scores within the sub-basin is shown in the graph(s) below the map.

To view data for an individual site, select it from the “Site Names & Links to Data” table.

Water Quality: good fair poor
Site Names & Links to Data
Site # Site Name
7Manatawny Creek
10Maiden Creek
62Pine Creek on Maiden
63Unnamed tributary of Maiden Creek
64Kistler Creek
65Ontelaunee Creek
66Stony Run
67Sacony Creek
68Upper Sacony Creek
69Mill Creek
70Moselem Creek
71Willow Creek
72Pine Creek on Manatawny
73Bieber Creek
74Little Manatawny
75Oysterville Creek
76Ironstone Creek
113Upper Manatawny
114Manatawny at Pine Forge
115Trout Run
141Owatin Creek
142Monacacy Creek
143Limekiln Creek
144Monacacy Creek at Route 422

Comparison of MAIS Scores for Sites Within the Northeast Schuylkill Sub-Basin

For an explanation of MAIS scores see Data Interpretation.

MAIS scores for Maiden Creek and tributaries

MAIS scores for Manatawny and Monocacy