Schuylkill River Project

Perkiomen Creek Basin

The map on the left shows the location of the Perkiomen Creek sub-basin with the basin as a whole.

Water quality scores for the individual sites are indicated by the colored dots on the map below. A comparison of water quality scores within the sub-basin is shown in the graph(s) below the map.

To view data for an individual site, select it from the “Site Names & Links to Data” table.

Water Quality: good fair poor
Map of Perkiomen Creek Basin showing sampling sites
Site Names & Links to Data
Site # Site Name
2Perkiomen Creek
3Skippack Creek
16East Branch Perkiomen Creek
17Unami Creek
18Upper Perkiomen Creek
19West Branch Perkiomen
34Unami Creek (upstream A)
35Unami Creek (upstream B)
77Upper Skippack
78West Branch Skippack
79Towamenicen Creek
80Zacharias Creek
81Upper East Branch Perkiomen
82Morris Run
83Pleasant Spring Creek
84Mill Creek
85East Branch Perkiomen at Cat Hill Road
86Indian Creek
87Vaughn Run
88Upper Unami Creek
89Licking Creek
90Molasses Creek
91Butter Creek
92Ridge Valley Creek
93Hosensack Creek
94Upper Perkiomen at Tollgate
95Macoby Creek
96Indian Creek
97West Hosensack Creek
98East Hosensack Creek
99Upper Perkiomen at Yeakel Mill
100West Branch Perkiomen at Bob White
101Upper Swamp at Bechtelsville
102Upper Swamp at Gilbertsville
103Schlegel Run
104Minister Creek
105Lower Swamp Creek
106Sciota Creek
111Lower Mingo Creek
112Upper Mingo Creek

Comparison of MAIS Scores for Sites Within the Perkiomen Creek Sub-Basin

For an explanation of MAIS scores see Data Interpretation.

MAIS scores for Lower Perkiomen Basin

MAIS scores for Upper Perkiomen Basin