Schuylkill River Project

Southwest Schuylkill Basin

The map on the left shows the location of the Southwest Schuylkill sub-basin with the basin as a whole.

Water quality scores for the individual sites are indicated by the colored dots on the map below. A comparison of water quality scores within the sub-basin is shown in the graph(s) below the map.

To view data for an individual site, select it from the “Site Names & Links to Data” table.

Water Quality: good fair poor
Map of Southwest Schuylkill Basin showing sampling sites
Site Names & Links to Data
Site # Site Name
4Valley Creek
5Pickering Creek
6French Creek
20Valley Creek (LeBoutillier Road)
21Little Valley Creek
22Crabby Creek
23Valley Creek (Church Road)
24Little Valley Creek
25French Creek (Sheeder Mill)
26French Creek (Hollow Road)
27French Creek (Kennedy Bridge)
28North Branch French Creek
29South Branch French Creek
30Pine Creek
31Middle Branch Pickering Creek
32North Branch Pickering Creek
33Birch Run
107Upper Hay Creek
108Tributary to Hay Creek
109Beaver Run
110Middle Hay Creek
116Crabby Tributary 1
117Crabby Tributary 2
118Crabby Tributary 3
119Crabby Creek at Route 252
120Trout Creek at Contention Lane
121Trout Creek tributary at Tredyffrin Park
122Stony Run at Pikeland Avenue
123Stony Run at Cromby Road
124Rock Run
125Pigeon Creek at Laurelwood Road
126Pigeon Creek at Halteman Road
127Pigeon Creek at Old Schuylkill Road

Comparison of MAIS Scores for Sites Within the Southwest Schuylkill Sub-Basin

For an explanation of MAIS scores see Data Interpretation.

MAIS scores for Hay, French, Pigeon, and Stony

MAIS scores for Pickering, Valley, Crabby, and Trout