White Clay Creek Stream Watch Project

WCC & Other Streams

A comparison of WCC sites to 150 sites in the neighboring Schuylkill watershed indicated fewer Good sites and more Poor sites in WCC even though both watersheds have comparable land use.

Many of the WCC sites compared to the worst, most highly disturbed sites in the Schuylkill. For more info on the Schuylkill watershed visit our Schuylkill Project pages.

MAIS scores for WCC (1-12 yrs data) and 150 sites in the Schuylkill watershed (1-14 yr data from 1996-2009).
Highlighted bars are Stream Watch sites.

MAIS scores shown for Sites 11 and 12 on WCC and seven Exceptional Value streams in the Schuylkill watershed. Asterisks indicate 12-year mean otherwise streams were sampled in 2008 and 2009.

Sites 11 and 12 are located on the East Branch of WCC which has been classified as "Exceptional Value" by the state of Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, only Site 11, and not Site 12, appears to have a macroinvertebrate assemblage that is comparable to other EV streams in the region.