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Please note: project status is updated as part of our annual reporting process and thus lags behind the current year. E.g., projects shown as “active” in 2019 were active in 2018 and may or may not be active in 2019. Projects are listed in reverse chronological order and we are still in the process of adding older projects.

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Integrating the Carbon and Water Cycles Within an Ecosystem Esthetic Approach to Landscapes

Stroud educators and scientists developed and implemented Your Livable Landscape: Cultivating an Ecosystem Esthetic, a collaborative education program that builds ... Read More

Summer Institute: How Best Management Practices Are Protecting Your Drinking Water

Stroud Water Research Center educators conducted a week-long summer program of field experiences and hands-on activities designed to convey effective ... Read More

Watershed Citizenship Learning Community

In collaboration with Cabrini College, Stroud Center educators began development of Watershed Ecology and Watershed Citizenship curricula for non-science majors, ... Read More

The Rain Barrel Project

Working with teachers at three Media, Pennsylvania, schools, Stroud Water Research Center educators demonstrated to hundreds of secondary school students ... Read More

Mountaintop to Tap Photography and Journal Exhibit

The Mountaintop to Tap exhibit, which records the three-week trek of a diverse group of high school students who traced ... Read More

Watershed Curriculum Development for Middle Schools

Stroud Water Research Center educators worked with faculty at the Upland Country Day School in Pennsylvania to develop, implement and ... Read More

Schuylkill Learning Community

Members of Stroud Water Research Center's education department participated in the Schuylkill Learning Community, an association of William Penn Foundation ... Read More


In partnership with Hudson Basin River Watch and Riverkeeper, Stroud Water Research Center educators trained teachers in the New York ... Read More

Leaf Pack As a Water Quality Monitoring Tool

Stroud Water Research Center educators and entomologists joined together to test the effectiveness of leaf packs as easy-to-use monitoring devices ... Read More

Water Quality and Stream Health in Eastern Pennsylvania

Stroud Water Research Center educators, along with the Central Bucks School District, the Heritage Conservancy and the Peace Valley Nature ... Read More