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Nowhere else in the world is there an organization like Stroud Water Research Center, which has spent more than 50 years focused on understanding, preserving, and protecting fresh water. You can take pride in knowing that you are supportingย  groundbreaking freshwater research, environmental education, and watershed restoration programs like those featured in these recent news posts.

Summer Internship Opportunity: Communications and Development
Summer Internship Opportunity: Communications and Development
We're looking for a motivated individual who would like to gain experience in the fields of communications, marketing, and nonprofit fundraising.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Uncharted WATERS: sustaining a meaningful student teaching experience amidst a global pandemic via an online STEM curriculum
Marcum-Dietrich, N.I., C. Stunkard, Z. Krauss, and S. Kerlin. 2021. Current Issues in Middle Level Education 25(2): article 3.
Employment Opportunity: Development Director
Employment Opportunity: Development Director
Stroud Water Research Center seeks a full-time development director to head our ongoing fundraising and outreach needs.
Cloeon dipterum, female imago (adult).
Oxygen Not Behind Threat To Mayflies When Temps Rise
When stream temperatures rise, often as a result of climate change or thermal pollution or a lack of tree shade, mayflies display poorer growth.
Full STEAM Ahead: Delivering Education Programming to Girlsโ€™  Doorsteps
Full STEAM Ahead: Delivering Education Programming to Girlsโ€™ Doorsteps
The freshwater-focused activities can be completed without professional instruction, advanced technologies, English language fluency, or access to high-quality green spaces.
Welcome, Seetha Coleman-Kammula, New Board Member
Welcome, Seetha Coleman-Kammula, New Board Member
Coleman-Kammula is co-founder and president of the Science Technology and Research Institute of Delaware and president of PFAS Solutions.

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New equipment day is always a fun day at the lab! Here our Ecosystems Ecology PI and his grad student are using the Macro Manipulator for the first time! This tiny instrument detects oxygen levels. They are using it to see how sediment disrupts oxygen levels during a storm event.

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Snow covered SE PA got you like โ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธ? Just remember the importance of snow for recharging our groundwater!

"Forests and snowpacks together allow for recharge of underground aquifers that consist of 80 trillion gallons of freshwater stored in the pore spaces and cracks in rock beneath the surface. These aquifers serve to maintain the flow of streams throughout the year and provide water that supports industries, businesses, agriculture, and drinking water for millions of Pennsylvania residents." Check out full article in link in bio!


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