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Inclusion at Environmental Education Sites

350 263 Stroud Water Research Center

A recent survey of Wisconsin environmental education organizations revealed that almost all of them consider their facilities and programs accessible or somewhat accessible to visitors with disabilities, although only a quarter of them have conducted a physical accessibility survey of their site.

Stroud Center Director of Education, Steve Kerlin, Ph.D., and former Stroud Center Student Conservation Association intern, Emily Crampe, are co-authors of the publication, Status and needs of environmental education related organizations in Wisconsin: results from the 2015-2016 state-wide survey.

“Environmental education organizations need solid data to inform decision-making and programming. The closer the data reflect the local context of the industry, the more effectively educators can respond to current trends. In 2015, the second of a two-year survey was completed online by 156 environmental education related organizations across Wisconsin. The goal of the survey was to determine the status and needs of environmental education organizations — gaining the necessary information to increase the collective impact of these facilities.”

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