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Graph of conductivity rise in Brandywine Creek from salt load washing.

Freshwater Sources Less “Fresh” from Greater Salt Use, Scientists Say

Fresh groundwater, where some drinking water comes from, recharges streams. Scientists are concerned about early signs that groundwater sources are getting saltier.
Lamonte Garber in the mountains of Nepal.

Connecting Land and Water Solutions: Lamonte Garber Joins Watershed Restoration Group

Garber will serve as the watershed restoration coordinator, working with landowners and partnering agencies on restoration and conservation projects throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.
Fracking truck

UpStream Newsletter, December 2013

Low Levels of Fracking Wastewater Highly Toxic to Mayflies: Stroud Center scientists find mayflies, whose presence indicates good water quality, are significantly affected by low levels of produced water.
Ruth Patrick in a stream holding clumps of aquatic plants.

UpStream Newsletter, October 2013

Remembering Ruth Patrick: Ruth Patrick, Ph.D., a pioneer in environmental science and aquatic ecology and co-founder of the Stroud Center, died September 23, 2013 at 105 years old.
Remembering Ruth Patrick

Remembering Ruth Patrick

Patrick's outstanding career in limnology, which focused on the study of streams, spanned eight decades and earned her worldwide recognition.
Sherman Roberts collecting rocks from the Neversink River.

Staff Spotlight: Sherman Roberts and Michael Gentile

Ask anyone at Stroud Water Research Center what makes working here great, and most often you’ll hear that it’s the people.