International Research Publications

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Factors controlling water-column respiration in rivers of the central and southwestern Amazon Basin

Ellis, E.E.E., J.E. Richey, A.K. Aufdenkampe, A.V. Krusche, P.D. Quay, C. Salimon, and H.B. da Cunha. 2012. Limnology and Oceanography 57(2):527–540.

Summer-winter transitions in Antarctic ponds II: biological responses

Hawes, I., K. Safi, J. Webster-Brown, B. Sorrell, and D.B. Arscott. 2011. Summer-winter transitions in Antarctic ponds II: Biological responses. Antarctic Science 23(3):243–254.

Summer-winter transitions in Antarctic ponds I: the physical environment

Hawes, I., K. Safi, B. Sorrell, J. Webster-Brown, and D.B. Arscott. 2011. Antarctic Science 23(3):235–242.

Dissolved CO2 in small catchment streams of eastern Amazonia: a minor pathway of terrestrial carbon loss

Davidson, E., R. Figueiredo, D. Markewitz , A.K. Aufdenkampe. 2010. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biosciences 115:G04005.

A preliminary water quality study of the Rio Sierpe and its tributaries (Costa Rica)

Arscott, D.B., W. Eldridge, and B.W. Sweeney. 2010. Prepared for the Blue Moon Foundation. Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, Pennsylvania. 

Aquatic invertebrate community structure along an intermittence gradient: Selwyn River, New Zealand

Arscott, D.B., S.T. Larned, M. Scarsbrook, and P. Lambert. 2010. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29(2):530–545.

Photochemical degradation of dissolved organic matter and dissolved lignin phenols from the Congo River

Spencer, R.G.M., A. Stubbins, P.J. Hernes, A. Baker, K. Mopper, A.K. Aufdenkampe, R.Y. Dyda, V.L. Mwamba, A.M. Mazedi, et al. 2009. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences 114:G03010.

Organic matter in the Peruvian headwaters of the Amazon: compositional evolution from the Andes to the lowland Amazon mainstem

Aufdenkampe, A.K., E. Mayorga, J.I. Hedges, C. Llerena, P.D. Quay, J. Gudeman, A.V. Krusche and J.E. Richey. 2007. Organic Geochemistry 38(3):337–364.

Measuring watershed health: training conservation planners how to use biophysical tools for monitoring streams in neo-tropical ecosystems

Sweeney, B.W., et al. 2006. Moore Foundation Peru Project Final Report. Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, Pennsylvania.

Young organic matter as a source of carbon dioxide outgassing from Amazonian rivers

Mayorga, E., A.K. Aufdenkampe, C.A. Masiello, A.V. Krusche, J.I. Hedges, P.D. Quay, and J.E. Richey. 2005. Nature 436(7050):538–541.