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UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2005

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

The rivers of South America’s Amazon basin are “breathing” far harder — cycling the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide more quickly — than anyone realized.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2005

280 281 Stroud Water Research Center

W. B. Dixon Stroud has left a remarkable impact on southern Chester County, his home for the past 50 years, and beyond.

UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2004

429 376 Stroud Water Research Center

A National Science Foundation grant for a study in the Amazon could help unravel the mystery of the missing carbon sink.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2003

300 201 Stroud Water Research Center

As the second stage of the New York Project begins, “nutrient spiraling” and “rates of production” are the talk of the water science community.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2003

501 418 Stroud Water Research Center

The United Nations has declared 2003 the International Year of Fresh Water to galvanize action on one of the world’s most urgent crises.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2002

450 299 Stroud Water Research Center

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai is using the Leaf Pack Experiment Kit home to educate young Kenyans about the importance of streams.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2002

300 197 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud scientists are studying how organic molecules support stream microorganisms and how far the molecules travel downstream before they are metabolized.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2001

551 597 Stroud Water Research Center

The Stroud Center’s federally funded study of riparian forest buffers in West and East Bradford townships in Chester County, turns 10 years old this year.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2001

300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

The Stroud Center has completed analysis and comparison of 16 paired woodland and meadow streams that strongly supports restoration of streamside forests.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2000

608 700 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Center scientists are racing to finish their first season of sampling the streams and reservoirs that give clean water to nine million New Yorkers.