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Environmental Education: Hands-On, Boots in the Water Learning

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We develop environmental education programs for indoor, outdoor, and digital classrooms, reaching thousands of adults and children each year.

Freshwater Science: Discovering What Keeps Streams and Rivers Healthy

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By discovering what makes the world’s streams and rivers healthy, Stroud™ Water Research Center is ensuring we can all enjoy clean, fresh water.

We Believe the Future of Fresh Water Starts Here

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We believe in an independent voice, in adventure, inspiration, perseverance and integrity. At the Stroud Center, we believe the future of water starts here.

Science Education Feature: Caddisflies

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Learn about the ecosystem benefits of net-spinning caddisflies, as well as how they interact with their environment, from Ben Tumolo, a visiting Ph.D. candidate from Montana State University. Caddisflies are…

Water SCIENCE Wins Award in Video Showcase

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The Water SCIENCE curriculum has middle school students complete hands-on science and engineering activities, receive guidance and instruction from undergraduate and graduate student mentors, interact online with STEM professionals, and…

Mystery Midge with “Kite Tail” Eggs

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Stroud Center entomologist David Funk documented the unusual behavior of an orthoclad midge species at Lake Umbagog on the Maine/New Hampshire border: Adult females fly over the lake and extrude long strings of eggs which they eventually drop into the water.

Fish Electroshocking to Determine Stream Health

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Have you ever wondered what swims by your feet in your local creek? In this month’s episode of Science Education Monthly Feature, Dr. Valerie Ouellet uses electroshocking to identify the…

How Sparta Middle School Is Working to Restore Nash Creek

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Two Michigan schools used our Leaf Pack Experiment to assess their local stream’s health. They discovered what was impacting their stream and then developed a plan to restore it with native plantings.

New Record Set for the Annual Fund

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The 2014 annual fund reached a new level of support — a total of 356 donors gave $452,809, setting records for the numbers of donors and contributions raised.