Contacts For Water Quality Issues

Fish Kills

To report an incident to the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission call 1-855-FISH-KIL (1-855-347-4545)

Environmental Complaints or Suspected Pollution Incidents

Delaware River: to report a pollution incident call 1-800-8DELAWARE or visit

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Southeast Regional Office

Erosion & Sedimentation Issues

Chester County Conservation District: 610-925-4920, website

Well & Septic Issues

Chester County Health Department: 610-344-6225, website

Well Water Testing: testing labs in Chester County and nearby counties

Septic Systems: permits, policies, evaluations, and enforcement in Chester County

Pond Management/Nuisance Algae & Weed Control

Pennsylvania Lake Management Society: 570-316-1669,, website

Chester County Water Resources Authority: 610-344-5400, website

Pond Management Links

Have a non-urgent need for scientific, educational, and advocacy resources related to fresh water? Visit our river resources page.