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Since 1967, Stroud™ Water Research Center has focused on one thing — fresh water. We seek to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration.

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Future of Fresh Water Initiative

Goal: $20 Million

Nowhere else in the world is there an organization like Stroud Water Research Center, which has spent 51 years focused on understanding, preserving, and protecting fresh water. To strengthen ongoing research and to expand community empowerment programs to protect clean fresh water regionally and around the world, the Stroud Center has announced its Future of Fresh Water Initiative.


Help us reach our goal. Give to the Future of Fresh Water Initiative. Gifts to the Executive Director’s Fund and the Environmental Education Fund will be DOUBLED thanks to generous challenge grants!

Latest News

Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus Update
The health and safety of our staff and community are of utmost concern and we are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation ... Read More
A Message From Dave Arscott, Executive Director of Stroud Water Research Center
A Message From Dave Arscott, Executive Director of Stroud Water Research Center
We need to embrace this moment of massive awareness as our window of opportunity to take genuine action and to work harder to advance human rights and equality for all ... Read More
$50,000 Challenge Match Grant Generously Sponsored by the Colket Family Foundation
$50,000 Challenge Match Grant Generously Sponsored by the Colket Family Foundation
This challenge grant will enable us to sustain and expand our community-wide education and training programs, curricula, and instructional technologies ... Read More
Stroud Water Research Center Celebrates The Redford Center
Stroud Water Research Center Celebrates The Redford Center
Executive Director Jill Tidman accepted the Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence in recognition of The Redford Center’s dedication to protect the environment and fresh water ... Read More
Photo of rolled bales of hemp in a foggy field.
What Do Hemp Fiber, Soil Health, and Water Quality Have in Common?
Stroud Water Research Center has launched a collaborative project to study the cultivation, soil health and environmental impact, and manufacturing of industrial hemp fiber ... Read More
Middle school students explore the local watershed to complete their field note books.
Meaningful Watershed Education: A Lasting and Expanding Partnership With a Local School District
The partnership has become a model for building formal and non-formal education partnerships in systemic watershed education ... Read More

Featured Initiatives and Partnerships

WikiWatershed® web tools offer watershed data visualization, geospatial analysis capabilities, and science-based predictions of human impacts on stormwater runoff and water quality.

EnviroDIY™ is a community where members ask and answer questions and network within interest groups to develop do-it-yourself environmental science and monitoring devices.

The Leaf Pack Network® is an international network of teachers, students, and citizen monitors using a simple experiment to determine the health of their local streams.

The Water Quality mobile app is a water-monitoring data-collection and learning tool designed for use by educators and their students, citizen scientists, and researchers.

The Society for Freshwater Science Taxonomic Certification Program ensures skilled persons are providing aquatic invertebrate identifications in North America.

The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds provides free technical assistance to Pennsylvania-based watershed and conservation organizations.

Upcoming Events

Prepping our next tree planting on this beautiful fall day! We're looking for volunteers to help next Wednesday and Thursday. (October 7 & 8) Contact to find out more details!

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Today we're out on the water somewhere having fun, but we'll be back tomorrow to ensure the future of fresh water is bright!

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It's #nationalreadabookday and we suggest this book aimed at budding stream ecologists! This book was written in collaboration with our education team and is great inspiration to get your kids outside exploring a creek near them!

Available in Spanish and English. Visit our website or go to Arbordale Publishing to pick up your copy.

#FreshWaterMatters2Us #STEMEducation #EnvironmentalEducation

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Casting a line as we head into the last weekend of "summer". Your summer may have looked a little differently this year, but hopefully it involved some time spent near (or on) your favorite body of water!

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Paddling into September! We have a few fun virtual events planned for this month, plus our in person golf outing!

Be sure to check the events page on our website to see our lineup!

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Field work in times of COVID adds a little more gear but we're still getting the job done installing mayfly data loggers. Check out the recent blog post on Enviro-DIY to learn more about connecting citizen science efforts to healthy streams and fish populations!

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