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  • UpStream Newsletter (monthly) covers all of our freshwater research, environmental education, and watershed restoration news and events.
  • In-person event invitations (at least one newsletter subscription is required) focus on events in and around Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • Our education newsletter (quarterly) offers educators our extensive resources for educating “K through gray” audiences about watersheds.
  • The Leaf Pack Network newsletter (once or twice a year) includes tips and training for teachers, students, and community scientists investigating their local stream ecosystems with the Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit.

Latest News

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Farmer showing health soil in a field
Employment Opportunity: Soil Health Project Coordinator
The Coordinator will manage landowner relations and no-till and cover crop implementation on agricultural lands in northern Virginia.
A stream runs through a forest in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
Employment Opportunity: Postdoctoral Associate in Microbial Ecology
Stroud Water Research Center is searching for a postdoctoral associate to study molecular microbial ecology in aquatic and terrestrial environments.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Advancing freshwater science with sensor data collected by community scientists
Oviedo-Vargas, D., M. Peipoch, S.H. Ensign, D. Bressler, D.B. Arscott, and J.K. Jackson. 2024. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, early online access.
A teacher leads a group of small children along a woodland trail.
Reimagining Classrooms
Whether you call them outdoor classrooms, living schoolyards, or ecological schoolyards — we’ve got ideas for how to make the outdoors a place of discovery.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Porewater microbiomes in buried wetland soils: Synergic effects of water chemistry and redox gradients associated with hydrological processes
Kan, J., O. Lazareva, D. Oviedo-Vargas, S.M. McAllister, and C.S. Chan. 2024. Freshwater Biology, early online access.
Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding speaks at a press event.
Pa. Ag Secretary Meets With Scientists and Farmer About New Research Funding 
Stroud Water Research Center highlights research supporting the future of farming and clean water in Pennsylvania.
Four women smile while holding tree cages at a tree planting event.
Earth Week Volunteers Help Restore Red Clay Creek
Thanks to the volunteers from Constellation Energy, Dansko, LINKBANK, Resolution Life, Charter School of Wilmington, and the community who made the day a success!
Two kids hold hands while walking in a creek.
Restoring Our Watersheds: A Podcast Conversation
In the season six premiere of the Kindred Podcast, we talk about watersheds, their importance to humans and wildlife, and how people can both harm and restore them.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Planktonic eukaryotes in the Chesapeake Bay: Contrasting responses of abundant and rare taxa to estuarine gradients
Hualong, W., F. Liu, M. Wang, Y. Bettarel, Y. Eissler, F. Chen, and J. Kan. 2024. Microbiology Spectrum, early online access.
Publication title with image of a mayfly
Agricultural soil microbiomes differentiate in soil profiles with fertility source, tillage, and cover crops
Bier, R.L., M. Daniels, D. Oviedo-Vargas, M. Peipoch, J.R. Price, E. Omondi, A. Smith, and J. Kan. 2024. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, early online access.
A boy on a bike visits a rain garden outside his residence in Lancaster, Pa.
Don’t Let the Rain Run Away
Polluted runoff is a threat to clean water. Learn how rain gardens can protect clean fresh water by reducing flooding and water use.
A group of scientist set up the canopy and water supply for a rainfall simulation experiment.
Make It Rain, Make It Rain
Why do scientists simulate rainfall for stormwater sampling? Find out from Senior Research Scientist Melinda Daniels, Ph.D.