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American mink standing on rocks
Secretive Mink Caught on Video in White Clay Creek
This was an unusual sighting because American mink are most active at night and in the early morning hours. It's also a good sign for White Clay Creek ...
Two farmers walk across a field in winter.
USDA Programs Put Stroud Center Science on the Ground
With the help of the USDA, a growing number of farmers are choosing to plant streamside forests to protect water quality for their downstream neighbors ...
A young streamside forest in Franklin Township, Pennsylvania.
Streamside Forest Buffers Preserving Water Quality
Research has shown that streamside forests minimize pollutants reaching the water and help streams cleanse themselves of pollutants that do reach the water ...
Planting a streamside forest on a farm.
Watershed Restoration: Linking Research, Education and Action
We engage the public in watershed restoration by helping landowners implement best management practices and plant streamside forest buffers ...

Watershed Restoration Podcasts

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