Taxonomic Certification Program Statistics

The Society for Freshwater Science Taxonomic Certification Program (SFS TCP) was established in 2005 to test the taxonomic skills of people involved in benthic macroinvertebrate studies in North America. The certification program is seen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Environment & Climate Change Canada as a valuable indication of taxonomic ability. The accurate and precise identification and classification of organisms provides the foundation for biological investigations of the ecology of our freshwater systems, as well as biomonitoring programs aimed at evaluating the environmental health of these systems. Accurate identifications of the organisms present are required to yield credible ecological and reliable bio assessment results.

Summary Statistics

Summary statistics for the Taxonomic Certification Program are updated on an annual basis. They indicate the number of examinations taken and the number of successful certifications at the genus and family level each year.

Genus Level Examinations (Specimens and Images), 2009-2017

Family Level Tests (Images), 2009-2017

Annual Reports