Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture

Photos of Dick and Joan Stroud

Held in memory of Joan and Dick Stroud, co-founders of Stroud Water Research Center, this lecture series allows us to share with our friends and the general public a special evening with speakers who will both enlighten and entertain — sharing their research and their perspectives on subjects from watershed ecology to conservation and more.

Upcoming and Recent Lectures

The 2024 Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture featuring author and photographer Tim Palmer
Award-winning author and photographer Tim Palmer will speak about his book, Seek Higher Ground: The Natural Solution to Our Urgent Flooding Crisis ...
The 2023 Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture featuring adventurer Emily Ford.
Watch an award-winning film about Emily Ford's adventure thru-hiking Wisconsin’s 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail in winter, followed by Q&A with Ford ...
Jeremy Monroe Presents <em>Hidden Rivers</em>: 2022 Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture
Join us for an evening of film, imagery, and storytelling featuring a Pennsylvania premiere of the feature film Hidden Rivers ...
The Intersection of Art and Science: 2021 Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture
Join us for a lecture by Carolyn Finney, Ph.D., a storyteller, author, and cultural geographer deeply interested in issues related to identity, difference, creativity, and resilience ...
Flow of Life: 2020 Joan and Dick Stroud Memorial Lecture
Join us from your couch for a screening of a new documentary about Stroud Water Research Center. This exclusive event will include live Q&A with producer and award-winning journalist, Jody Santos ...
Photo of microplastics on a black background
Dr. Sherri Mason will present her lecture, “Perils of Plastics.” “The world is an interconnected system. This is not just about aquatic animals; it is a significant concern to human health as well.” — Dr. Sherri Mason ...

Earlier Presentations and Speakers

  • Subhankar Banerjee, artist, educator, activist, and author.
  • Mayra Bonilla, outdoor photographer, founder Audiovise S.A., Costa Rica.
  • Rita Colwell, director, National Science Foundation.
  • Wade Davis, anthropologist, botanist, filmmaker, photographer, author, and National Geographic Explorer in Residence.
  • Dr. Michael Dombeck, former chief of the U.S. Forest Service and pioneer professor of Global Environmental Management at the University of Wisconsin.
  • James A. Duke, ethnobotanist, director, Duke’s Herbal Vineyard, Inc.
  • Scott Faber, farm policy campaign director for Environmental Defense.
  • Daniel Janzen, professor of biology, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman, Riverkeeper Alliance.
  • Last Call at the Oasis, a documentary film about the global water crisis.
  • Gene Likens, director, Institute for Ecosystem Studies.
  • Patrick McCully, campaigns director, International Rivers Network.
  • L.D. McMullen, CEO and general manager, Des Moines Water Works.
  • Jeff Orlowski, filmmaker, photographer, and the director/producer of the award-winning film, Chasing Ice.
  • Tim Palmer, conservationist, photographer, and author of more than 20 books including Wild and Scenic Rivers: An American Legacy.
  • Robert McCracken Peck, academy fellow, curator of art and artifacts, editor, scientific publications, Academy of Natural Science.
  • Sandra Postel, senior fellow, Worldwatch Institute.
  • Robert M. Pyle, author, of Chasing Monarchs: A Migration with the Butterflies of Passage and other nature books.
  • Peter Raven, director, Missouri Botanical Garden.
  • Vincent Resh, professor of insect biology, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Gus Speth, dean, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University.
  • William Taylor, president, Atlantic Salmon Federation.
  • Alvaro Ugalde, chief environmental officer of the Foundation for U.S.-Costa Rica Cooperation.
  • Virginia Tech Flint Water Study Team (update on the Flint, Michigan, water crisis).
  • Liz Walker, co-founder and executive director, EcoVillage at Ithaca.
  • Dr. J. Bruce Wallace, professor of entomology and ecology, University of Georgia.
  • George Woodwell, founder and director, Woods Hole Research Center.