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About the Stroud Center

Three researchers netting fish in White Clay Creek.

Stroud Center: Building on the Past, Looking to the Future

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Stroud™ Water Research Center is working today to ensure water quality and availability tomorrow.

People being trained to identify aquatic macroinvertebrates.

Global Impact: Preserving and Conserving Fresh Water Around the World

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Stroud™ Water Research Center scientists and educators are advancing knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems on five continents.

Planting a streamside forest on a farm.

Watershed Restoration: Linking Research, Education and Action

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We engage the public in watershed restoration by helping landowners implement best management practices and plant streamside forest buffers.

Teacher and kids in White Clay Creek search for aquatic insects.

Environmental Education: Hands-On, Boots in the Water Learning

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We develop environmental education programs for indoor, outdoor, and digital classrooms, reaching thousands of adults and children each year.

Mayfly rearing syste.

Freshwater Science: Discovering What Keeps Streams and Rivers Healthy

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By discovering what makes the world’s streams and rivers healthy, Stroud™ Water Research Center is ensuring we can all enjoy clean, fresh water.

Students identifying macroinvertebrates

We Believe the Future of Fresh Water Starts Here

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We believe in an independent voice, in adventure, inspiration, perseverance and integrity. At the Stroud Center, we believe the future of water starts here.