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Sharing Our Science: From Data Analysts to Fly Fishermen

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Charlie Dow talks about long-term datasets and Scott Ensign explains how fly fishermen can protect and restore the streams upon which their hobby depends.

Photo of the Stroud Center's 2018 summer interns

Meet Our 2018 Summer Interns!

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The internship experience allows undergraduates to see if they have the passion and fortitude necessary to meet the challenges of a research career.

Water Science Careers: Information Services

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Charles Dow, Ph.D., talks about his work as Director of Information Services at Stroud Water Research Center.

Water Science Careers: Systems Administration and Education

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Libby Gregg describes her works as computer systems administrator and environmental educator at Stroud Water Research Center.

Elizabeth Gregg

200 200 Stroud Water Research Center

Systems Administrator, Part-Time Environmental Educator

Charles Dow, Ph.D.

500 500 Stroud Water Research Center

Director of Information Services, Research Scientist

Heather Brooks

200 200 Stroud Water Research Center

Web Developer

Melanie Arnold

350 350 Stroud Water Research Center

Data Analyst

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Water quality monitoring in the source water areas for New York City: an integrative watershed approach

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Arscott, D.B., A.K. Aufdenkampe, T.L. Bott, C.L. Dow, J.K. Jackson, L.A. Kaplan, J.D. Newbold, and B.W. Sweeney. 2008. Final report on monitoring activities, 2000-2005. Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, Pennsylvania.