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Understanding how microbiomes influence the systems they inhabit

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Hall E.K., E.S. Bernhardt, R.L. Bier, M.A. Bradford, C.M. Boot, J.B. Cotner, P.A. del Giorgio, S.E. Evans, E.B. Graham, S.E. Jones, J.T. Lennon, K. Locey, D.R. Nemergut, B.B. Osborne, J.D. Rocca, J.P. Schimel, M.P. Waldrop, M.D. Wallenstein. 2018. Nature Microbiology 3:977–982.

Opinion: endogenizing culture in sustainability science research and policy

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Caldasa, M.M., M.R. Sanderson, M. Mather, M.D. Daniels, J.S. Bergtold, J. Aistrup, J.L. Heier Stamm, D. Haukosc, K. Douglas-Mankin, A.Y. Sheshukov, and D.Lopez-Carr. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112(27):8157–8159.

Science, not politics, should guide Clean Water Act clarification

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Sweeney, B.W. 2014. Op-Ed in The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware.

Open data: crediting a culture of cooperation

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Bolukbasi, B., N. Berente, J. Cutcher-Gershenfeld, L. Dechurch, C. Flint, M. Haberman, A.K. Aufdenkampe, J. Bass, J. Crowell, M.D. Daniels, S. Diggs, C. Duffy, Y. Gil, B. Gomez, S. Graves, R. Hazen, L. Hsu, D. Kinkade, K. Lehnert, C. Marone, D. Middleton, A. Noren, G. Pearthree, M. Ramamurthy, E. Robinson, G. Percivall, S. Richard, C. Suarez, and D. Walker. 2013. Science 342(6162):1041–1042.

Taxonomic certification versus the scientific method: a rebuttal of Rogers (2012)

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Stribling, J., B.W. Sweeney, J. Morse, G. Corkum, G. Lester, S. Miller, R. Mitchell, B. Poulton, S. Strachan, and M. Wetzel. 2012. Zootaxa 3359: 65–68.

Gryllus mandevillus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) is a valid field cricket species

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Weissman, D.B., D.H. Funk, and T.J. Walker. 2012. Zootaxa 3202:65–68.

Reply to Bunte et al. (2011) “Discussion of Daniels and McCusker (2010): operator bias characterizing stream substrates using Wolman pebble counts with a standard measurement template.” Geomorphology 115, 194–198

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Daniels, M.D., and M.H. McCusker. 2011. Geomorphology 134:501–502.

Improving biogeochemical knowledge through technological innovation

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Melack, J., A.C. Finzi, D. Siegel, S. MacIntyre, C. Nelson, A.K. Aufdenkampe, and M. Pace. 2011. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9(1):37–43.

The boundless carbon cycle

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Battin, T.J., S. Luyssaert, L.A. Kaplan, A.K. Aufdenkampe, A. Richter, and L.J. Tranvik. 2009. Nature Geoscience 2:598–600.

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