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Measuring watershed health: training conservation planners how to use biophysical tools for monitoring streams in neo-tropical ecosystems

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Sweeney, B.W., et al. 2006. Moore Foundation Peru Project Final Report. Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, Pennsylvania.

Assessment of stream habitat in the Flint River Basin

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Muenz, T.K., S.P. Opsahl, S.W. Golladay, D.W. Hicks, B. Clayton, K.A. Cressman. 2006. Final
report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Assessment of TOC analytical accuracy

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

L.A. Kaplan. 2004. American Water Works Association, Denver, Colorado.

Water quality functions of riparian forest buffer systems in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Lowrance, R., L.S. Altier, J.D. Newbold, et al. 1995. Chesapeake Bay Program Technology Transfer Report. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA 903-R-95-004 CBP/TRS 134/95.

Habitat specific differences in persistence and effects of introduced cellulolytic bacteria used as surrogates for GEMS

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Bott, T.L. and L.A. Kaplan. 1992. Pages 135–139 in J.E. Harvey (editor). Proceedings of the 4th Investigators meeting for EPA’s Biotechnology-Biological Control Agent Risk Assessment Research Program, Report No. EPA/600/R-92/147. U.S. EPA. Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Cellulolytic bacteria as surrogates for genetically engineered microorganisms: microcosm studies of persistence and effects in streambed sediments

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Bott, T.L., and L.A. Kaplan. 1990. Pages 139–143 in ORD Biotechnology Risk Assessment Program (editor). Review of Progress in the Biotechnology-Microbial Pest Control Agent Risk Assessment Program, Report No. EPA/600/9-90/029. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C.

Nutrients for bacterial growth in drinking water: bioassay evaluation

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Kaplan, L.A., and T.L. Bott. 1990. EPA Report No. EPA/600/S2-89/030. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Activities and ecological role of adult aquatic insects in the riparian zone of streams

1024 681 Stroud Water Research Center

Jackson, J.K., and V.H. Resh. 1989. Pages 342-345 in D. Abell (editor). Proceedings of the California Riparian Systems Conference: protection, management, and restoration for the 1990’s. General Technical Report PSW-110, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Berkeley, California.

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