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Schuylkill River Project

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Water Quality Among Major Tributaries of the Schuylkill River

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This research, education, and outreach project continues efforts with local watershed groups to monitor macroinvertebrates in streams throughout the Schuylkill River Basin, which is located in the Northern Piedmont and…

UpStream Newsletter, Winter 2011

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Stroud Center scientists think Papua New Guinea might be more important in terms of carbon and sediment discharge than the entire Amazon River.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2008

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Each of us affects the quality of our drinking water — and there’s a lot we can do as individuals to protect it from harmful contaminants and pollutants.

Willy Eldridge with a bronze fish sculpture.

UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2008

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Willy Eldridge recently joined the Stroud™ Water Research Center to launch its Fish Molecular Ecology Department.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2008

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A documentary film chronicles how students rowed, paddled, and across the watersheds that provide nine million New Yorkers with drinking water.

Louis Kaplan taking a streamwater sample.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2002

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Stroud scientists are studying how organic molecules support stream microorganisms and how far the molecules travel downstream before they are metabolized.