Stormwater Management

The Moorhead Environmental Complex uses natural landscaping to increase infiltration and reduce runoff and related non-point source pollution. Stormwater quantity and quality control features including a green roof, rain gardens, and permeable paving systems contributed to our LEED® Sustainable Sites score.

Rain Gardens and Permeable Paving

Stormwater Management Landscaping signage.

Native Plants for Rain Gardens

Rain Garden Plant Identification signage.

Low Maintenance Green Roof

Low Maintenance Green Roof signage.

Native Plants For Green Roofs

Roof Garden Plant Identification signage.

Give the Gift of Fresh Water

As you give thanks for the gifts in your life, we invite you to give the gift of water. Clean drinking water, good health, happy trout, productive soil, clean air, the simple joys of swimming, boating, fishing — our healthy freshwater ecosystems make these and so many other things possible.

Your donation today will help preserve and protect
the future of fresh water.