Rain Gardens and Permeable Paving

Rain garden sign

The Moorhead Environmental Complex uses natural landscaping to increase infiltration and reduce runoff and related non-point source pollution. Features include permeable paving systems and a green roof and rain gardens planted with native vegetation.

How can I manage stormwater on my property?

  • Identify low-lying, poorly draining, or erosion prone areas and turn them into rain gardens.
  • Install rain barrels to collect rainwater and avoid runoff.
  • Minimize your pavement.
  • Where pavement is necessary, consider the wide variety of permeable paving options.

Rain garden templates are available

The Low Impact Development Center offers rain garden templates for sunny and shady areas in the mountain, Piedmont, and coastal region of the mid-Atlantic states.

How to Install a Rain Garden

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions for installing a rain garden on your property.