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Upcoming Volunteer Events

Looking for a Way to Get Involved in Freshwater Stewardship?

Here are a few ways you can help!

  • Event support: Join the fun and help out at evening or weekend events throughout the year.
  • Photography/videography: Share your talent with natural landscape or event photography or capturing moments from our programs on video.
  • Regional tree plantings: Plant trees, recruit other volunteers, and promote tree plantings.
  • Tree monitoring: Help us monitor how our tree plantings are doing.

Sign up below or contact us at or 610-910-0049.

Volunteer News

Volunteers staking native trees in Overlook Park
Cultivating Stewardship of Our Shared Waters
Brian Preston shares how people in a popular local park are discovering how a streamside forest and pollinator garden can be beautiful and good for clean water.
Tom Best smiles as he stands in a young riparian buffer.
Caring for Trees
Tom Best doesn’t own the young streamside forest he maintains each day. It's an act of service motivated by a parental feeling toward the woods.
Three people identifying live aquatic macroinvertebrates.
Earning a “Master’s” in Watershed Stewardship
How Penn State Extension launched one of the most successful volunteer training programs in the U.S. and revived struggling local watershed groups.
Volunteers at the Darby Creek salt snapshot.
We, the Community Scientists
People in the Delaware River Watershed are joining forces and collecting data to protect the vital freshwater resources that sustain their communities.
A group of tree planting volunteers from Sycamore.
Volunteers Plant 600 Trees for Healthy Streams
The trees were planted along a tributary of Brandywine Creek in Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania, in a project funded by American Water.
Water professionals on the Christina Basin Task Force annual bus tour.
Sharing Our Knowledge of Watershed Restoration
The Stroud Center partnered with volunteers for two tree plantings, spread the word about agroforestry, and helped water professionals learn about soil health and water quality.