Mountaintop to Tap Trek

300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

A Three-Week Trek Across the New York City Water Supply System

In the summer of 2007, six students from New York Harbor School in Brooklyn and six students from Sidney High School, in Delaware County, took a three-week summer trek tracing New York City’s drinking water supply. They became spokespeople for the water-supply system and brought public attention to the 10th Anniversary of the Memorandum of Agreement, which brought together, for the first time in a long and bitter history, all the stakeholders in the system.

Throughout the trek the students assessed the quality of the water in streams, rivers and reservoirs; documented their findings with photographs and journal entries; talked to public officials, scientists, conservationists, and park rangers; and hosted press conferences to share with the public, from the trenches, what they learned.

“Although our paths diverged — each of us returning to the communities from which we’d come — we all carried with us a sense of responsibility. As a result of the experiences that we shared and the lessons that we learned over the last several weeks, we each set out into the world ready to educate others about NYC’s water supply. Imbued with this shared sense of purpose, we had become stewards of our precious water resources.”


New York Harbor School

Asha Armstrong ~ Leydi Basilio ~ Natalie Bloomfield ~ Sean Soto ~ Jerriel Stafford ~ Gabriel Torres

Sidney High School

Robert Loibl ~ Becca Miner ~ Marissa Morton ~ Sarah Pate ~ Sarah Place ~ Bryan Price

Trek Leaders

Wes Gillingham ~ Sara Scott ~ Todd Paternoster ~ Tizoc Gomez ~ Ed McGee ~ Jennifer Ostrow

Trek Partners and Organizers

Funded By:

Leo Model Foundation; New York Department of Environmental Conservation; New York City Department of Environmental Protection; Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation; and several individual donors.

Documentary Film

A multimedia production by Kent Garrett/Delhi Stories LLC is available on Vimeo.

Photography Exhibit

As a follow-up to the trek, the students had an exhibit of their photographs and journal entries at the following locations: Queens Museum of Art, Catskill Center for Conservation and Development, Brooklyn Public Library, Sidney Public Library, Stroud Water Research Center. Trekkers were trained by Bob Caputo, a photographer with over 30 years of experience with National Geographic, on how to take pictures that tell a story.

The photography and journal exhibit was funded by: Catskill Watershed Corporation; New York Department of Environmental Conservation; New York City Department of Environmental Protection; Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation


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