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Diana Oviedo-Vargas downloading data from a sensor located in White Clay Creek to a field laptop.

Oviedo-Vargas Shares Her STEM Career Journey

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The Stroud Center biogeochemist was featured in a women-in-STEM webinar series hosted by EarthEcho International.

David Bressler providing C-SAW technical assistance to volunteers of the Silver Lake Nature Center.

Helping Watershed Groups Through Education and Mentorship

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The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds has helped over 42,000 Pennsylvanians pursue watershed monitoring, protection, and restoration.

Photo of Chief Quiet Thunder outdoors with a display of Lenni Lenape items.

A Living Legacy: Stroud Water Research Center Celebrates the Life of Chief Quiet Thunder

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His boundless legacy and life’s work honoring indigenous peoples, humanity, and the earth will inspire us all for generations to come.

View of Creek Critter book pages with award finalist logo.

Creek Critters a Finalist for Excellence in Hands-On Science Book Award

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The AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books celebrates outstanding science writing and illustration for children and young adults.

Girls-in-STEM Education Programs Fund

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Following the success of the first Trout Unlimited (TU) STREAM Girls program in southeast Pennsylvania co-led by Stroud Water Research Center and the Valley Forge Chapter of TU, the Orvis…

Quantify and Support Best Management Practice Installation and Restoration at Schools to Contribute Directly to Bay Restoration Goals

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Research includes interviews of sustainable school recognition programs and a sample of school across the Chesapeake Bay Watershed about implementation of best management practices (BMPs) on school properties and connections…

Watershed Awareness Using Technology and Environmental Research for Sustainability (WATERS)

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This education research project focuses on the development of a new curriculum and refinement of learning resources using universal design for learning (UDL) principles, with special attention to students that…

Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom Program Support

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In partnership with the Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited (PATU), the Stroud Center education department provided staffing and other supports to the PA Trout in the Classroom (PA TIC) program,…

Independent K-12 Student Research Projects

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Sparked by Maggie Auman and her family, who with the Leaf Pack Network® tools researched her local streams for two years as part of a science fair project. The establishment…

Leaf Pack Kit and Network

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Discover the value of macroinvertebrates as living indicators of water quality through the Leaf Pack Network! This international program, bilingual in Spanish, engages students, teachers, families and the public in…