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A woman sprinkles water from a watering can onto a watershed modeling table.

New Teaching Tool Shows How Land Use Alters Rain’s Path

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Watershed modeling tables and companion lessons from the Stroud Center help people learn how actions on land impact streams and rivers.

A group of students installs a tree shelter in the streamside buffer at their school.

Volunteer-Led Tree Planting Engages Students in Stewardship

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How one community’s action project is teaching students about water, trees, and wildlife and how to care for them.

Two women gear up for kayaking on a waterway in Dubai.

Lessons From the World Environmental Education Congress 2024

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What Stroud Center educators learned and shared at an international gathering to address environmental and sustainable development.

A monarch butterfly caterpillar on milkweed in a wildflower meadow.

Catch the Rain Workshop

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Learn how rain gardens improve water quality, reduce flooding, recharge wells, filter pollutants, reduce summer heat, and keep our water clean.

A group of educators paddle canoes during a workshop.

Watershed Education on the Conestoga River

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This advanced course in watershed education knowledge and pedagogy will take place online, on campus, and on the water.

Three college students take a selfie in a Costa Rican stream.

College Students Travel to Costa Rica With Stroud Center Team

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Students majoring in teaching, STEM, and international studies joined the Stroud Center for one week in the Área de Conservación Guanacaste of Costa Rica.

Groups of educators work at tables in an outdoor classroom.

Improving Schoolyards for Outdoor Environmental Education and Stewardship

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Join us online to learn about the process of creating outdoor learning spaces, from design and building to lesson implementation.

Two teachers enjoying a workshop.

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability in STEELS Institute

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Join us for three days of professional development and collaboration at some of Chester County’s unique environmental locations!

A mural and whiteboards in an outdoor classroom.

West Chester East High School Adds New Outdoor Classroom

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Anthony Prinzo shares how outdoor learning spaces help students learn about conservation, stewardship, and their role in preserving freshwater ecosystems.

Two young girls watch as a research technician nets small fish in a fish tank.

Celebrate World Water Day // Celebramos el Día Mundial del Agua

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Families and community members are welcome to join us to engage in many hands-on activities celebrating our most precious resource — clean fresh water.