Watershed Restoration Videos

How to Properly Install Bird Nets on Tree Shelters
How to Properly Install Bird Nets on Tree Shelters
Learn how to install nets to prevent cavity-nesting birds from being trapped while allowing the young tree to grow out of the shelter without being entangled ...
Still from a how to apply stone mulch video.
How to Apply Stone Mulch to Protect Sheltered Trees From Rodents
Trials comparing the use of stone mulch versus herbicides for rodent control around young trees suggest that stone is a superior mulch material and that tree survival rates are comparable between the two methods ...
Still from a how to plant a tree in a buffer video.
How to Plant a Small Containerized Seedling in a Riparian Forest Buffer
Watch step-by-step instructions on how to plant a tree in a riparian forest buffer and protect it from deer, rodents, and flood damage to increase survivability ...
Some Insights on Reforestation Methods
Some Insights on Reforestation Methods
Watch a video presentation outlining our research and case studies on how to maximize tree survival and growth in forested stream buffers ...
Mike Brubaker in a field at Brubaker Farms.
Brubaker Farms, a Stroud Center Partner, Wins Leopold Conservation Award
The Stroud Center worked with the Brubakers on measures to protect water quality, including manure management, fencing cows out of Donegal Creek, and planting streamside forest buffers ...
Soil Health Coordinator Lisa Blazure sitting at a soil health study site in the Susquehanna watershed.
“How’s My Soil?” How We’re Helping Farmers Answer This Question
The Soil Health Benchmark study lets farmers assess the health of their soils and see it compares to the data of their peers.  ...