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Behind the Lens and Below the Surface

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center

Conservation photographer and photojournalist Jennifer Adler takes on an underwater journey as she uses her imagery to communicate science and conservation.

Local Artist Donates Proceeds From Show to Benefit Future of Fresh Water

800 533 Stroud Water Research Center

Matthew Shackelford’s donation to the Future of Fresh Water Initiative will help foster and train future generations of freshwater stewards.

The Intersection of Art and Science: How Art Can Help Shape Land Use

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center

Eco-revelatory artist Stacy Levy tells the story of how artful collaborations with engineers, ecologists, and landscape architects can begin to change the way we live with nature.

Students working on designing a 3-D macroinvertebrate model

Life Lessons in Three Dimensions: Students, Stroud Center, Retired Teacher Collaborate

800 600 Stroud Water Research Center

By creating these teaching tools for other students to learn about freshwater ecosystems, the students developed their own curiosity about their outdoor environment.

The Science of Water Through the World of Art

250 200 Stroud Water Research Center

This program at Point Lookout Preserve gives students and teachers new ways of thinking about stream ecosystems and stewardship through the creative processes of art and science.