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Costa Rica

Photo of a rainbow near Maritza Biological Station, Costa Rica

Field Notes From Our Work in Costa Rica

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A team of five Stroud Center scientists worked under the rainbows of the Orosí Volcano in Costa Rica to survey a dozen streams.

Video still of a tapir enjoying the rain

“Caught” at Maritza: Tapir Enjoying the Rain

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Rafa Morales Cueto, field station manager at Maritza Biological Station, filmed this tapir enjoying the rain while swimming in Río Tempisquito.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Regional groundwater and storms are hydrologic controls on the quality and export of dissolved organic matter in two tropical rainforest streams, Costa Rica

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Osburn, C.L., D. Oviedo‐Vargas, E. Barnett, D. Dierick, S.F. Oberbauer, and D.P. Genereux. 2018.  Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 123:850–866.

Global Impact: Preserving and Conserving Fresh Water Around the World

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Our scientists are advancing knowledge of freshwater systems on five continents and our educators are using the Leaf Pack Network® materials to teach freshwater stewardship throughout North, Central and South America, with plans to expand to Africa and China.

Fish of the Río Rincón, Costa Rica

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Researchers from the Stroud Center visited the Río Rincón on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to scope out potential sites for an upcoming survey of the physical, chemical, and biological status of streams and rivers of the Osa Peninsula.

Wildlife Camera: Costa Rican Tapir

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A wildlife camera recorded footage of a tapir walking near Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica.

Tapir Visits the Maritza Biological Station

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A rare daytime sighting of a tapir near Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica.

Spider Monkeys at the Maritza Biological Station

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Another video shot by Rafa Morales, station manager at the Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica. This adult spider monkey is feeding on buds in the treetops while its baby…

Re-Wilding Tropical Ecosystems Starts With Clean Fresh Water

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Bern Sweeney, Ph.D., traveled to Costa Rica in late January to discuss innovative practices in re-wilding tropical ecosystems including rainforests, mangrove forests, streams and wetlands.

Education News, Fall 2014

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From New Jersey to Costa Rica to North Carolina and back home at the Stroud Center, our education staff was busy this fall!