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A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.

Education News, Fall 2014

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From New Jersey to Costa Rica to North Carolina and back home at the Stroud Center, our education staff was busy this fall!

Evaluating Threats to Humans and Aquatic Ecosystems Posed by Agriculture Around the Río Sierpe, Costa Rica

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Stroud Water Research Center biologists completed a project to better understand the threat of contaminants from agriculture entering the fish and drinking water supplies around the Río Sierpe and Río…

Rafa Morales, station manager at Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica, with Jamie Blaine, author.

Talking About Rafa: Maritza’s Manager In Words and Pictures

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Those who know Morales best describe him with words that are often identical: Intelligent. Conscientious. Responsible. Curious. Honest. Funny.

Rio Tempisquito Sur

Maritza: Unlocking the Secrets of Water in the Developing World

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“Our work at Maritza is critical to our mission. It has enabled us to understand global water and climate issues in ways we could not have done without it.”

J. Denis Newbold, Ph.D., at his desk

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2012

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A Seeker of the Truth: Denis Newbold, Ph.D., holds both strong political beliefs and an absolute commitment to scientific rigor, not an easy place to be when science is under fire.

Map of sampling sites in the Rio Sierpe and Grande de Terraba watersheds in Costa Rica.

Gone Fishin’: Evaluating the Threat of Agricultural Contaminants in the Río Sierpe

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Stroud Center scientists sampled the Río Sierpe and Grande de Terraba watersheds to identify contaminants as well as contaminated species that threaten humans who consume them.

Photo of microbes by Jinjun Kan.

Stroud Center Awarded Grant to Study Meta-Ecosystems

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Scientists are using new knowledge to provide an update of the River Continuum Concept and develop a broad model of carbon cycling.

Rio Sierpe, Costa Rica.

Stroud Center Awarded Grant to Study Agricultural Contaminants

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Pesticides and other contaminants from agriculture pose an unknown threat to the Rio Sierpe ecosystem and to humans who eat contaminated fish and shellfish.

Maritza Biological Station dormitory with Orosi volcano in the background.

Studying Tropical Waters To Understand the Impacts of Climate Change

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Naturally occurring differences in temperature, rainfall, and hydrological characteristics of tropical landscapes will yield useful information about how climate variation and change may impact the diverse species that populate our planet, and teach us more about climate feedbacks to carbon cycling processes.

Water Quality Analysis of Costa Rica’s Rio Sierpe and Its Tributaries

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Stroud Water Research Center scientists conducted a planning expedition to the Rio Sierpe in Costa Rica to assess water and habitat quality, determine the feasibility of establishing a multi-year monitoring…