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A motor boat on the Choptank River, with its wake and a bridge in the distance.

Sediment Sleuthing: Microbe DNA May Be Key to Restoring an Estuary Near You

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Stroud Center science teams are collecting river DNA samples to understand where sediment pollution comes from and the best ways to fight it.

Water Quality Assessment in California Using DNA Barcoding

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This pilot study was designed to test how the use of a new technology called DNA barcoding can improve water quality assessment in California streams by enabling researchers to identify…

The Snail the Dinosaurs Saw or an Introduced Species? Using Genetic Data to Untangle the History of a Snail That Is New to Pennsylvania

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The snail Goniobasis proxima has never been observed north of the James River in Virginia until discovered by Stroud Water Research Center biologists in three locations in southeastern Pennsylvania. Genetic…