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Volunteers staking native trees in Overlook Park

Cultivating Stewardship of Our Shared Waters

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Brian Preston shares how people in a popular local park are discovering how a streamside forest and pollinator garden can be beautiful and good for clean water.

Evaluating the Effects of Watershed-Scale Agricultural Best Management Practices on Water Quality

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In early 2020, stream bank fencing, forested buffers, and barnyard improvements were installed on Amish farms in Lancaster County, Pa. The farms are nested in a small watershed drained by…

Volunteers planting native plants at Overlook Park.

Sustainable Landscaping at Overlook Park: Presentation and Tour

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Learn about the purpose, planning, and plantings in the natural area across from the Historic Stoner House and the Stoner Grille in Overlook Park.

Lamonte Garber in front of a Sullivan County, Pa. stream with a small waterfall.

Lamonte Garber Recognized as a Good Natured Pennsylvanian

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Stroud Water Research Center’s watershed restoration coordinator has a dedicated history in water preservation and restoration.

A panel of local experts onstage at a Lancaster Water Week event.

Whether You Say Crick or Creek, We All Celebrate Lancaster Water Week!

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From the first Friday kickoff to the last Saturday volunteer effort, it was a wonderful week as Lancaster Conservancy celebrated clean fresh water for all.

Underwater view of a school of small fish with red and gold stripes.

Water Film Night: Hidden Rivers

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Join us for a film that documents the beauty and diversity found in freshwater rivers and streams in the southeastern United States.

How to Properly Install Bird Nets on Tree Shelters

How to Properly Install Bird Nets on Tree Shelters

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Learn how to install nets to prevent cavity-nesting birds from being trapped while allowing the young tree to grow out of the shelter without being entangled.

Water professionals on the Christina Basin Task Force annual bus tour.

Sharing Our Knowledge of Watershed Restoration

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The Stroud Center partnered with volunteers for two tree plantings, spread the word about agroforestry, and helped water professionals learn about soil health and water quality.

Entomologists collect freshwater insects for a project that examines the impact of streamside restoration on water quality.

Breaking the Fall

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How the Clean Water Act changed the trajectory of America’s waterways and became a beacon for freshwater science.

Jeff and Sue Frey in front of farm buildings, photo courtesy of American Agriculturist.

Stroud Center Partners Named Mid-Atlantic Master Farmers

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Jeff and Sue Frey received a lifetime achievement award that recognizes exemplary role models of outstanding management, land stewardship, and community leadership.