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Model My Watershed

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Stroud Water Research Center continues to maintain and update the Model My Watershed® web application. Updates for 2021–2022 include adding historic and more current layers of land use data and…


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Stroud Water Research Center’s education department is collaborating with the Concord Consortium on a project to introduce middle school students to engineering practices for water resources. This project targets schools…

Collaborative Research: Introducing Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Science to Students and Teachers

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The Critical Zone encompasses the external or near-surface Earth extending from the top of the vegetation canopy down to and including the zone of freely circulating groundwater. This project engages…

Your Livable Landscape: Cultivating an Ecosystem Esthetic

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An educational project showing how a shift to an ecosystem esthetic can reduce the carbon footprint of a landowner’s landscape while its maintaining beauty.

Education Department Highlights: Hello, Congratulations, and Goodbye

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Stroud Center announces the retirement of Susan Gill, the appointment of new education director Steven Kerlin and the promotion of Tara Muenz to assistant director of education.

Stroud Center Gets Award for Environmental Education Programs

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The Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators gives Stroud Water Research Center the Outstanding Environmental Education Program Award.

Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (CRB-CZO): Quantifying Carbon Sequestration Resulting From Human-Induced Erosion

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In collaboration with the University of Delaware, Stroud Center scientists established one of 10 Critical Zone Observatories in the U.S. and began to establish the sampling, sensor, and data infrastructures…

Education News, Fall 2014

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From New Jersey to Costa Rica to North Carolina and back home at the Stroud Center, our education staff was busy this fall!

Critical Zone Geoscience Education

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Stroud Water Research Center educators and scientists are teaching the principles and processes of the earth’s critical zone to teachers, informal educators, and academically at-risk youth. This program is based…