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How Much PFAS Is Too Much? PFAS Levels in Drinking Water

PFAS Explained

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Forever chemicals threaten drinking water and human health. Learn how scientists are investigating PFAS contamination in farming.

Three children hold Hillendale Elementary School's 2023 Green Ribbon Schools flag.

Hillendale Elementary School Awarded Green Ribbon for Environmental Education and Sustainability

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The award recognizes innovative efforts to reduce environmental impacts, promote better health, and ensure effective environmental education.

Tom Best smiles as he stands in a young riparian buffer.

Caring for Trees

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Tom Best doesn’t own the young streamside forest he maintains each day. It’s an act of service motivated by a parental feeling toward the woods.

Three people identifying live aquatic macroinvertebrates.

Earning a “Master’s” in Watershed Stewardship

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How Penn State Extension launched one of the most successful volunteer training programs in the U.S. and revived struggling local watershed groups.

Volunteers at the Darby Creek salt snapshot.

We, the Community Scientists

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People in the Delaware River Watershed are joining forces and collecting data to protect the vital freshwater resources that sustain their communities.

Rachel Johnson standing between two EnviroDIY Monitoring Stations.

A Dream Come True: Rachel Johnson Takes on New Role at the Stroud Center

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She found a purpose making water data accessible. Now she’s pursuing graduate research in the watershed where she empowered community scientists.

Melinda Daniels with experimental stream flumes.

Stroud Center’s Melinda Daniels Advances to Senior Research Scientist

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Daniels’ fluvial geomorphology research has yielded meaningful discoveries across diverse human–environment interactions.

A child in a wheelchair uses a net to capture creek critters.

Wild About Water

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Creek Critters, a book for kids created in partnership with Stroud Water Research Center, inspires scientific discovery in a Utah school.

Jen Merrill in front of a blooming cherry tree.

From Marshes to Marketing

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Former scientist Jennifer Merrill takes on a new role as the Stroud Center’s director of marketing and communications.

Four elementary school students at outdoor environmental club.

Environmental Literacy and Justice for All

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The Stroud Center is helping teachers bring meaningful STEM experiences to city students through environmental and outdoor clubs.