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Screenshot of the Model My Watershed web app.

Stroud Center Projects Featured at National STEM Event

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The hands-on interactive nature of the Model My Watershed® and Critical Zone Observatory projects received considerable attention from both speakers and educators.

Photo of microbes by Jinjun Kan.

Stroud Center Awarded Grant to Study Meta-Ecosystems

355 279 Stroud Water Research Center

Scientists are using new knowledge to provide an update of the River Continuum Concept and develop a broad model of carbon cycling.

White Clay Creek flooding across a roadway near the Stroud Center.

Scientists to Collect Water Quality and Climate Change Data From Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane data could reveal much about how soil erosion into rivers might bury carbon and sequester it from acting as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Fly River in Papua New Guinea.

UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2011

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The difference between the organic materials that enter and leave a river system tells us how the river affects greenhouse gases.

Rio Sierpe, Costa Rica.

Stroud Center Awarded Grant to Study Agricultural Contaminants

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Pesticides and other contaminants from agriculture pose an unknown threat to the Rio Sierpe ecosystem and to humans who eat contaminated fish and shellfish.

Brandywine Trek students at orientation.

Brandywine Trek Helps Students Spur Freshwater Stewardship

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The trek educates students about the importance of the Brandywine River and fosters understanding of the need to implement good stewardship practices.

Brandywine Trek students carrying a canoe.

Coatesville Students Prepare for Brandywine Trek

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Students will learn skills they will need this summer when they will embark on a weeklong journey, by foot and canoe, down the Brandywine River.

Fly River in Papua New Guinea.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2011

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Two weeks into their work in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Anthony Aufdenkampe and his colleagues had already surveyed more than 600 miles of remote jungle rivers.

NSF Funds Study of Landscape Restoration Effects on Stream

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A study of the long-term impacts on streams after landscape restoration has never been done before. The grant will provide the needed funding to do so.