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Ask a Scientist From Stroud Water Research Center

Ask a Scientist: Jinjun Kan

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For our first installment of Ask a Scientist, we check in with Jinjun Kan, Ph.D., associate research scientist and principal investigator of the Microbiology Group at Stroud Water Research Center.

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Convergence of biofilm successional trajectories initiated during contrasting seasons

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Wang, J., M. Peipoch, X. Guo, and J. Kan. 2022. Frontiers in Microbiology 16, Sec. Aquatic Microbiology.

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Coupled dynamics of aqueous biogeochemistry in contrasting floodplain environments: implications for Critical Zone carbon sequestration along redox gradients

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Lazareva, O., J. Kan, C. Chen, and D.L. Sparks. 2022. Applied Geochemistry, early online access.

Biological Nitrogen Removal in Sediment Plumes: A Critical but Missing Component of Watershed Models

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Nutrient export from rivers is closely tied to sediment plumes that form during storms. By using experiments and methods to peer inside these sediment plumes, this project will discover how…

Brandywine Stream Stewards: Community Action in Support of Healthy Waters

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The Stream Stewards Program engages adults and youth from Wilmington, Del., to monitor water resources in the 1,100 acres of open space in the First State National Historical Park. This…

Evaluating How Conventional, Conservation, and Organic Farming Management Practices Enhance Soil Health and Improve Water Quality

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This project investigates how different agricultural management practices influence water quality and soil health. Using Rodale Institute’s 37-year-old Farming Systems Trial and a recent transition to organic farming at the…

Evaluating NCRN Data Quality, Revising and Updating Protocols, and Analyzing Long-Term Data

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The National Park Service National Capital Region Inventory and Monitoring Network (NCRN) has monitored stream water quality and quantity for more than 15 years in shallow streams located in 10…

Evaluating the Effects of Watershed-Scale Agricultural Best Management Practices on Water Quality

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In early 2020, stream bank fencing, forested buffers, and barnyard improvements were installed on Amish farms in Lancaster County, Pa. The farms are nested in a small watershed drained by…

Exploring the Link Between Soil and Human Health: Protein, Protein Quality, and the Nutraceutical Amino Acid Ergothioneine

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Ergothioneine, an amino acid that has scientifically proven benefits to human health, is exclusively biosynthesized by fungi and certain bacteria in soils. With coupled field testing and lab incubation experiments,…

Impact of Management of Practices on Winter Squash Yield and Post-Harvest Nutrient Density

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By examining the bacteria, Archaea, and fungi living in soils, this project will provide insights on how farming practices and land management affect the microbes that make soils healthy. This…