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Learning to See, Seeing to Learning

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This project continued to enhance the site, in addition to creating aquatic macroinvertebrate identification resources for learners, teachers, and trainers. (Project details may change over the lifespan of a…

Water Quality Mobile App Software Updates

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The Water Quality App for Apple and Android devices received updates to its macroinvertebrate digital field guide, pollution tolerance index, and water chemistry parameters. (Project details may change over the…

A student weighs dried leaves in a mesh bag in preparation for a leaf pack project.

Teen’s Eye-Opening Experiment to Monitor Local Water Quality Wins at Science Fair

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“My finding surprised me and taught me that the clean water in my community is more limited than I thought.”

Newly hatched mayflies resting on a tree, photo by Keith Williams.

Follow the Hatch — Aquatic Insects in Lancaster County’s Streams and Rivers

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Join John Jackson, Ph.D., of Stroud Water Research Center and Keith Williams of Lancaster Conservancy for a deep dive into the world of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, and the many other tiny creatures that call our streams home. Educator Training

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Learn how this open educational resource can support macroinvertebrate identification training with volunteers and students to improve confidence, accuracy, and engagement. Mini-Walkthrough

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In this in-person mini-walkthrough session, you’ll dive right into the website’s many engaging tools that bring you into the magic of freshwater macroinvertebrates!

Video still from the Hidden World of Stream Insects webinar.

The Hidden World of Stream Insects

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Entomologist David Funk presents an hour-long dive into the natural histories of some of the most fascinating stream insects he has photographed.

47 Years and Counting: Crew Completes Susquehanna River Sampling

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Stroud Center entomologists have been sampling macroinvertebrates in the Susquehanna River near Procter & Gamble’s Mehoopany plant since 1974.

ROCK OUT with New Resources from the Rock Pack Experiment!

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The Rock Pack Experiment builds exciting, real-world connections among stream ecology, engineering, and geomorphology.

A Freshwater Rockstar: The Net-Spinning Caddisfly

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Net-spinning caddisflies benefit the entire ecosystem as ecosystem engineers, or organisms that maintain, modify, or create habitats.