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Postdoctoral Researcher

Photo of Raven Bier working in the microbiology lab

Meet Raven Bier: New Postdoctoral Associate

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Through her work at the Stroud Center, Bier hopes to better understand how changes in farming practices on land affect the relationship between microbes and the processing of nutrients in streams.

Crayfish May Help Restore Dirty Streams, Study Finds

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Stroud Water Research Center study finds crayfish may benefit insects, reduce sediment settling in impaired streams.

Spotlight on Valérie Ouellet

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A native of Québec, Ouellet is undeterred by winter field work in Pennsylvania. Photo: Pablo Romero Reyes Having grown up in the scenic village of Padoue in eastern Québec, Valérie…

Sharing Our Science: Summer 2015

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In May, Stroud Water Research Center scientists attended the weeklong annual meeting of the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Lindsey Albertson Takes Over Stream House

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Lindsey Albertson, who earned her Ph.D. in Ecology at the University of California in Santa Barbara last year, has been doing postdoctoral research at Stroud Center, investigating how animals influence sediment erosion in streams during storms.

UpStream Newsletter, February 2013

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Meet Jen Mosher, Post-Doctoral Associate: As one of the Stroud Center’s post-doctoral researchers, exploring the outdoors is in Mosher’s job description, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.