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Particulate organic matter (POM) composition in stream runoff following large storms: role of POM sources, particle size, and event characteristics

350 263 Stroud Water Research Center

Johnson, E.R., S. Inamdar, J. Kan, and R. Vargas. 2018. Journal of Geophysical Research (early online access).

Impacts of hydrous manganese oxide on the retention and lability of dissolved organic matter

350 263 Stroud Water Research Center

Stuckey, J.W., C. Goodwin, J. Wang, L.A. Kaplan, P. Vidal-Esquivel, T.P. Beebe Jr., and D.L. Sparks. 2018. Geochemical Transactions 19:6.

Ecosystem Ecology Group

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About the Group The Ecosystem Ecology Group focuses on interactions among physical, chemical, and biological elements of riverine ecosystems that organize ecological behavior at local and regional scales. We are…

Graphs showing conductivity trends in streams in winter and summer

EnviroDIY Sensors Track Road Salt Levels in Streams

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During thaws and rain events, road salt is carried into streams where it can have chronic and sometimes acute effects on biological communities.

Nature’s Engineers: Beavers Provide Benefits to Streams

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“Before European colonization, beavers would have been ubiquitous across the northern United States Great Lakes region,” explains Melinda Daniels, Associate Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of the Fluvial Geomorphology Group.

Supporting Citizen Science Within the Delaware River Watershed Initiative Cluster Team

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The Stroud Center is working to expand and encourage higher-quality citizen-science monitoring and volunteer participation in the Delaware River Initiative cluster of streams.

Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Thermal Refugia in Streams: Consequences for Brook and Brown Trout Interactions

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This project tracked trout habitat use and stream water temperature in three headwater streams of the Loyalsock River, Pennsylvania, to evaluate how brook and brown trout compete for thermal refugia habitats.

Source Tracking and Spatial/Temporal Dynamics of Bacterial Contaminants in the Red Clay Creek

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

Scientists monitored fecal indicator bacteria on a monthly basis at the east and west branches of the Red Clay Creek watershed.