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A graph of water temperatures in forested, reforested, and meadow reaches of White Clay Creek during a heat wave in 2024.

Heat Waves in the Water

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Have you ever wondered about extreme weather’s immediate and long-term effects on our streams and rivers and its impacts on aquatic life?

Closeup photo of multicolored plastic fragments on a white background.

Unseen Intruders: Microplastics in Our Rivers

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If you are curious about plastics pollution, especially microplastics, this webinar provides a helpful overview.

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To achieve the Clean Water Act’s goals, prioritize upstream ecology

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Ensign, S.H., D.B. Arscott, M. Daniels, C. Dow, J.K. Jackson, D. Oviedo-Vargas, and M. Peipoch. 2024. Water Resources IMPACT 26(3): 19–21.

Three men learn about DIY environmental monitoring at a workshop.

Learn Do-It-Yourself Electronics for Environmental Monitoring

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You’ll learn the skills necessary to assemble, program, and deploy a water monitoring station, with the understanding that the DIY journey has just begun!

A female mayfly with a ball of eggs attached to the underside of her abdomen.

The Magic of Mayflies

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If you’ve ever hiked along a woodland stream on a warm spring day, you may have seen these tiny creatures swarming together, fluttering in a midair dance.

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Advancing freshwater science with sensor data collected by community scientists

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Oviedo-Vargas, D., M. Peipoch, S.H. Ensign, D. Bressler, D.B. Arscott, and J.K. Jackson. 2024. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, early online access.

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Porewater microbiomes in buried wetland soils: Synergic effects of water chemistry and redox gradients associated with hydrological processes

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Kan, J., O. Lazareva, D. Oviedo-Vargas, S.M. McAllister, and C.S. Chan. 2024. Freshwater Biology, early online access.

Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding speaks at a press event.

Pa. Ag Secretary Meets With Scientists and Farmer About New Research Funding 

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Stroud Water Research Center highlights research supporting the future of farming and clean water in Pennsylvania.

Two kids hold hands while walking in a creek.

Restoring Our Watersheds: A Podcast Conversation

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In the season six premiere of the Kindred Podcast, we talk about watersheds, their importance to humans and wildlife, and how people can both harm and restore them.

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Planktonic eukaryotes in the Chesapeake Bay: Contrasting responses of abundant and rare taxa to estuarine gradients

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Hualong, W., F. Liu, M. Wang, Y. Bettarel, Y. Eissler, F. Chen, and J. Kan. 2024. Microbiology Spectrum, early online access.