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Rock Pack Experiment

Three high school students examine rocks collected from a stream.

ROCK OUT with New Resources from the Rock Pack Experiment!

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The Rock Pack Experiment builds exciting, real-world connections among stream ecology, engineering, and geomorphology.

A Freshwater Rockstar: The Net-Spinning Caddisfly

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Net-spinning caddisflies benefit the entire ecosystem as ecosystem engineers, or organisms that maintain, modify, or create habitats.

Rock Pack Experiment

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The Rock Pack Experiment combines STEM topics of engineering, ecology, geomorphology, and mathematics through the world of the net-spinning caddisfly.

Photo of the Leaf Pack Stream Ecology Kit

Good Things Come in Threes: Exciting News From the Leaf Pack Network

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We are excited to announce major improvements to the Leaf Pack Network, an international network of teachers, students, and citizen monitors investigating their local stream ecosystems.

Brachycentrus caddisfly larva in Neversink River, New York.

Introduction to the Rock Pack Experiment

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Join Tara Muenz, Assistant Director of Education, and Lindsey Albertson, Ph.D., Montana State University researcher and Stroud Center alumna, for a free hands-on workshop, complete with materials for you to take home.